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Credit unions need to develop a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan that ensures that their data will be available when it is needed, whether to restore a single file or to recover an entire server.

The CU Data Vault solution provides a simple backup strategy for any size organization through online backups to our highly reliable and secure data center. This solution provides numerous features and benefits, including:

Lower Total Cost of Ownership through cheaper initial product costs, no recurring product costs, and greatly reduced labor costs. See our Pricing page for more details.
Simple to install and use. Our software installs quickly and can support multiple, complex backup schedules, email reporting of operation results, etc.
Restores are just as easy - simply pick a date, check the files/folders to restore, and click Restore. Files and folders are instantly accessible - no searching through tapes.

No tapes to mess with. Our online, disk-based solution ensures all your data is at your fingertips whenever you need it. No more swapping, cataloging, testing tapes.
Offsite backups are always up-to-date. No need to courier tapes offsite.
Less hassle and headache. Backups occur automatically, and you are notified by email if a problem occurs that requires your attention.
 Minimal Bandwidth Usage. Backups are compressed, and exclusive technology backs up only the portions of files that have changed, reducing bandwidth needs and backup execution times.
No risk of data theft - all data is compressed and encrypted on your system, using the credit union's unique key and military grade encryption. Data remains encrypted during transit and storage, ensuring it cannot be compromised. We cannot even decrypt your data.
Effective "90-day" tape rotation - you can restore anything backed up within the last 90 days (longer retention times available).
 CD/DVD copies of data available. For a small fee, we can produce CDs/DVDs of your data for archive purposes, mass restore, disaster recovery backups, etc. Discs autorun under Windows and include client restore software.

A Comment from a Customer...
"This is great - we got rid of our daily off-site courier, and save at least an hour a day that we used to spend doing backups and managing tapes. We even backup our core server. We really needed a solution like CU Data Vault."

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